By advocating for safe and legal access to psychedelic therapy in New Mexico we hope to:

By advocating for safe and legal access to psychedelic therapy in New Mexico we hope to:

Establish a regulated system

Expand access to breakthrough therapies

Support and protect our community

You may have seen the press about the promising science of psychedelic therapy and how they can help be a part of the solution to many societal ills. From depression and anxiety, addictions, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other psychological traumas, to end of life anxiety; to addiction and substance use disorder, early research from top medical research universities shows that psychedelic therapy may help where other treatments have failed.

Here’s what the research says

There is a substantial and rapidly growing body of research finding that entheogenic plants and fungi use can have mental health benefits, societal benefits, and can lead to personal and spiritual growth.

Psychedelic Therapy Facts & Information

Psilocybin in the Treatment of Depression

“All patients showed some reductions in their depression scores at 1-week post-treatment and maximal effects were seen at 5 weeks, with results remaining positive at 3 and 6 months.” Read More…

Source: Beckley/Imperial Research Programme

Low-Risk Dependence of Psilocybin

“[I]n a comparative overview of the dependence potential and acute toxicity of psychoactive substances, Gable concluded that psilocybin carried a lower risk of dependence than caffeine… (Gable, 1993).” Read More…

Source: Neuropharmacology

Frequently Asked Questions

What is psychedelic therapy?

Psychedelic therapy is a therapeutic method involving the administration of a psychedelic drug in a clinical setting. Clinical research shows that ingesting a psychedelic drug in a controlled setting with a trained professional can induce an experience that is medically safe and that provokes profound, durable psychological and behavioral change.

Who stands to benefit from psychedelic therapy?

Recent research shows psychedelic therapy can benefit people suffering from a wide array of challenges. The psychedelic drug psilocybin, when administered in a controlled setting, has been shown to significantly reduce anxiety and depression in cancer patients struggling with an end-of-life diagnosis. Additionally, a variety of psychedelic drugs have shown promise in reducing, and even eliminating, addictive behavior.

How can I become more involved?

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